SOL Testing Tips

Many parents ask what they can do to help their child be better prepared for the SOL Tests.  We have two main tips:  Read everyday and check homework each day.

There are 4 ways you can read each day.  Please do at least one of these each day:

-You read to your child.

-Your child reads to you.

-Buddy read- You read a page or paragraph and your child reads to the next page or paragraph. This is a great way to read about a topic you want to discuss with your child.

-Parallel Reading- Turn off the TV, computer, and everyone reads their own material for a set period of time.  Suggested time is 15-30 minutes.

We hope you have been reading to your child since your child was a baby!  Please continue to read each day!.

Homework- Please check the homework assignment sheet or agenda book for the daily assignments.  If your child has no homework listed, be sure to ask what were the school activities. It is important that you know what your child is studying, as well as provide the time and place to complete homework at home.



At SOL Test time special homework is assigned each night before the test.  These are actually good tips for any time.  The homework for each student is:

1.  Play or work outside 30 minutes.  Get 15 minutes fresh air if the weather does not permit outside activity.

2.  Eat a balanced dinner and breakfast with food from each of the groups.  Do not eat extra sweets or junk food.

3.  Remain calm and follow all the family rules.  Show respect to adults and others in your home.

4.  Go to bed on time and sleep the entire night.

SOL TEST PRACTICE AND REVIEW WEBSITES-  Here are a few web sites that our teachers recommend for practice.  Some have questions and provide immediate feedback to the answers.  Others have information and other ways to practice.