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Joshua Craft Principal Office jcraft1@alleghany.k12.va.us 
Nancy Turkewitz Guidance MPR nturkewitz@alleghany.k12.va.us
Jessi Turner JK 104 jallman@alleghany.k12.va.us
Mary A. Morris K 98 mamorris@alleghany.k12.va.us
Lynne Seldomridge K 100 lclarke@alleghany.k12.va.us
Deborah Rose 1st grade 97 drose@alleghany.k12.va.us
Elisabeth Thompson 1st grade 99 ethompson@alleghany.k12.va.us
Gina Middleton 2nd grade 101 gmiddleton@alleghany.k12.va.us
Ashley Hubbard 2nd grade 102 adotson@alleghany.k12.va.us
Lori Dressler 3rd grade 104 ldressler@alleghany.k12.va.us
Sharon Shreve 3rd grade 103 sshreve@alleghany.k12.va.us
Jaclyn Bray 4th grade 113 jbray@alleghany.k12.va.us
Allison Fox 4th grade 111 afox@alleghany.k12.va.us 
Karie Browning 5th grade 112 kbrowning@alleghany.k12.va.us
Linda Liptrap 5th grade 110 lliptrap@alleghany.k12.va.us      
Jeremy Bartley Physical Education Gym  jbartley1@alleghany.k12.va.us
Cassandra Browning          Special Education 105 cbrowning@alleghany.k12.va.us
Angela Nicely Librarian/TTRT Library (201) anicely@alleghany.k12.va.us
Susan Clonch Art 111 sclonch@alleghany.k12.va.us
Tammy Crane Music Room E  tcrane@alleghany.k12.va.us
Nancy Fry Title 1 108 nperrine@alleghany.k12.va.us
             Title 1 108          
Jessica Parker Speech 114  jlanehart@alleghany.k12.va.us     
Lisa Boothe Reading Specialist 114 lboothe@alleghany.k12.va.us
Melanie Hartman Secretary Office mhartman@alleghany.k12.va.us
Beckey Burgess Assistant 108 bburgess@alleghany.k12.va.us
 Kellie Cash Assistant 97 kcash@alleghany.k12.va.us
Cynthia Crowder Assistant, SpEd 105 ccrowder@alleghany.k12.va.us
Ashli Fridley Assistant 98 afridley@alleghany.k12.va.us
Angela Jones Assistant 106 ajones@alleghany.k12.va.us
Jessica Martin Assistant 99 jmartin@alleghany.k12.va.us
Paula Bell Occupational Therapist 114 pbell@alleghany.k12.va.us
Sidney Birchfield OT Assistant 114 sbirchfield@alleghany.k12.va.us
Sarah Lythgoe PT Assistant 114 slythgoe@alleghany.k12.va.us
Melanie Mason Physical Therapist 114 mmason@alleghany.k12.va.us
Tracey O'Connor Explorers Room F  toconnor@alleghany.k12.va.us
Therapeutic Day Therapist Room E  
Ricky Bates  School Resource Officer Multi-purpose room rbates@alleghany.k12.va.us
Cpl  Chris Fisher DARE Monday cfisher@alleghany.k12.va.us
Donna Harris           Nurse Clinic dharris@alleghany.k12.va.us

Custodian 6AM-2:30 PM
Bruce Greene       Custodian 4 PM-8 PM bgreene@alleghany.k12.va.us
Darrel Tucker Custodian 2 PM-10:30 PM dtucker@alleghany.k12.va.us
Jessica Nicely   Cafeteria Cafeteria jnicely@alleghany.k12.va.us           
Tracy Thompson Cafeteria Manager 965-1813 tthompson@alleghany.k12.va.us
Gina Adkins Cafeteria Cafeteria gadkins@alleghany.k12.va.us
Joyce Anderson Bus Driver #34 janderson@alleghany.k12.va.us
Carla Arritt Bus Driver #18 carritt@alleghany.k12.va.us
Kelsey Nida          Bus Driver #43 knida@alleghany.k12.va.us 
Kathy Sexton Bus Driver #54  ksexton@alleghany.k12.va.us

Bus Driver #33
Teresa Urban Bus Driver #49  turban@alleghany.k12.va.us