Nancy Turkewitz


Ms. Turkewitz has been the school guidance counselor at Boiling Spring, Falling Spring and Callaghan Elementary school's.

 She has a Master’s degree in school counseling from the State University of New York in Buffalo. She moved to Alleghany County in the spring of 1997 from Ithaca, New York .  She resides in Clifton Forge with her two children, Josh and Alyson.


Guidance Semester Plans

August  to January


In all grades we will focus on the first three pillars of character:


Trustworthiness – playing by the rules, keeping an open mind, taking turns, listening to others.


Respect – showing compassion, helping, forgiving others.


Responsibility – working to make school and community a better place, cooperation, obeying laws and rules


All grades will also be doing career awareness activities (go to for activities and career information)


All grades will have Family Life Education. The sensitive components of FLE will be taught to grades 3-5 by the school counselor and PE teacher.


Grades 3-5 will be working on test-taking skills and discussing SOL strategies.