Principal Newsletter

MESSAGES FROM MRS. MOGA- We are off to a GREAT start this year!  It is exciting to see so many wonderful activities in our classrooms.  Thank you for sending us your children each day!

If you bring your child to school, please use the drop off area near the front door.  If you park in the parking lot, including any visitors spot, please escort your child to the teachers on duty to supervise a safe crossing from the lot to the school.  For the safety of your child, students must be with an adult when moving or walking through the parking lot.  Do not park in the unmarked area next to the Midland Trail Highway in the morning as this is needed for buses turning to park in the bus parking area. Do not walk between the buses.

If you walk into the building and plan to escort your child to class before school, you must do this before school starts at 8:30. After 8:30 parents will not be allowed down the hall. Do not go into the class or use this time to conference with the teacher.  If you are in the hall at announcements, moment of silence, or pledge time, please stop and wait until all are complete. We practice 3 Ss- Stop, Silent, Still.  We appreciate your support to keep all the children safe at school!

We would like to have no students tardy.  Students miss important information when they are tardy.  Please allow enough time each morning to arrive at school on time, by 8:35.  Students are marked tardy at 8:35.

As a reminder, no hats are to be worn in the building.  For the safety of our students, no animals, including pets, are allowed on school property.  For liability reasons, school volunteers cannot have younger or other children at school.

To protect the learning environment, no cell phones may be used in the school. If you must use your cell phone while at the school, please exit the building. We appreciate your help!

We appreciate our volunteers.  Twenty five have been trained at eight sessions. 


For the safe and orderly operation of school, you are reminded of a few items from our handbook:

VISITORS- Parents are welcome to visit the school.  Please notify the teacher in advance if you need to arrange a conference.   All visitors to the school must report to the office to receive a pass and be escorted by a staff member to any location in the school. 

ARRIVAL TIME- Arrival time at school for students is from 8:05 until 8:35.  If you bring your children to school, please see that they arrive during that time.  Students will be counted tardy after 8:35.  Students may not arrive before 8:05 A.M.  Teachers are on duty at 8:15 to supervise students.         

INSTRUCTIONAL TIME- Instruction starts at 8:35 and continues until 3:15. Children need to be at school during these hours.  Please schedule doctor and dentist appointments before or after instructional school hours when possible.

PICKING UP STUDENTS- Buses move to the lane in front of the school for loading students in the afternoon starting at 2:30. Do not drive your car between buses or in the bus area at this time.  If it is necessary for you to pick your child up in the afternoon, please park in the area of the lot where your vehicle will not interfere with bus loading.  Do not park in front of the handicap ramp at anytime unless you are using it for a handicapped individual.

When it is necessary to pick your child up before the end of the day, please send a note to the teacher stating this.  If someone other than the parent is picking up your child, please be sure the teacher and the office know this by sending a note. Children who leave prior to 3:05 are recorded as an early check out.

LEAVING SCHOOL EARLY- Located in the office is a computer in which a parent or guardian must sign out a child who is leaving early.  Please state the reason that the child is leaving early.  Unexcused time away from school may be a factor in promotion or retention.  Students will be released to parents only.  The school must be notified in writing if someone else is to pick up your child. 

Parents are to report to the office to pick up their child.  Parents are not to go to the child's classroom or to wait outside the classroom door, but to report to the office.  Students will be called from the office to meet their parent.  In custody cases, the school must have a copy of the custody order if only one parent is allowed to pick up a child. Parents meeting students at the end of the day need to wait in the cafeteria.

TRAFFIC PLAN- Please note the traffic plan that was sent home in the Callaghan handbook, pages 5a-5b.  Do not drive in front of the school from 8:15- 9:00, and 2:30- 3:30.  These are the arrival times for buses.