Jeremy Bartley

Jeremy Bartley graduated from Concord College in 2000 with a Bachelors in Psychology and Sociology. He served as a Naval Officer in the US Navy until 2004. He graduated with a Masters in Education in 2006 from the University of Phoenix and returned to Concord University to specialize in Physical Education and Health. He has worked in Alleghany Public Schools since 2007. He is married to Erin Bartley and they have a son named Levi. In his free time, he enjoys coaching his Cross Country and wrestling teams and participating in Road races and Triathlons.



All Grades


Elementary Physical Education JK-5

School Year



I. Rationale: 

Elementary P.E. is important to develop activity patterns and skills that will be carried into adulthood. It also promotes regular physical activity that is beneficial for overall health and well-being. Positive experiences in physical activity are important in childhood to carry into adulthood.


II. Course Objectives: 

This course will consist of basic information regarding exercise and the effects of exercise on the body. It will also cover the basic movement skills (skipping, hopping, jumping, throwing, kicking….) along with complex movement skills and how to apply them during games and sports performance.



III. Format and Procedures: 

The students will enter the gymnasium and line up in their assigned lines. They will begin their warm-up routine upon the start of class. The warm-up routine will contain daily strength building exercises along with running and different locomotor movements. The following are the classroom rules and consequences.


Classroom Rules

1.      Do what is right

2.      Listen during instruction or others talking

3.      Do not touch equipment until permission is given

a.      Take care of YOUR equipment

4.      Practice positive behaviors

a.      Trustworthiness

b.      Respect

c.       Fairness

d.      Caring

e.      Citizenship

5.      Wear Tennis shoes and appropriate clothing



1st offense- Warning then Time out

2nd offense- Total time out for that day

3rd offense- Time out and a letter or call home

Severe clause: Principal’s office



IV. Course Requirements: 

The requirements are simple, come to class prepared, behave, participate and have fun


V. Grading Procedures: Grades


O for Outstanding

S for Satisfactory

N for Needs improvement

U for Unsatisfactory


VI. Academic Integrity

Follow the pillars of Character counts


VII. Accommodations for students with disabilities

Every attempt is made to make sure that students will succeed in class. Accommodations and adaptations are used to make sure that students have a positive feeling towards physical education. In my waffle ball unit for example, each student was told that they were going to hit off of a tee stand. I would give them an opportunity to hit the ball while being pitched and if able to would not get to use the stand. This way, all students get a chance to hit the ball and do not feel that hitting off of the tee is punishment or embarrassing.

In most of the activities, I will make adaptations until success is reached.


VIII. Tentative Course Schedule   (May change slightly depending on several factors & student needs)

JK-5th will be working on the following skills, games and exercises during the school year:


1st Semester

 Introduction/ Procedures/Safety

Height & weight

Spatial Awareness

Throwing stations

  Learning to throw correctly


Introduction to kicking

  Kicking stations

Soccer skills

Intro to Basketball skills


Fitness/ 2000 steps


Frisbee golf

Ultimate Frisbee


Rythmic Activities

 Dance, jumprope

Flexibility Yoga

Football skills

Teamwork Activities

Earth ball (Omnikin ball) activities


Indoor games

 4 square, cornhole, hopscotch, shuffle board, Ladder ball



2nd Semester

Bean Bag games


Parachute games

Volleyball skills and games

Dodging and fleeing

Weight lifting


Fitness circuits



 Lead-up games


Kickball games

Softball/waffle ball

Dodging and fleeing

Fitness Relays

March Madness Basketball

Raquet games

Track & Field


  Frisbee distance throw, Shot put, Sprint, Javelin, Hurdles, Distance run, Long Jump, Relays, Hammer throw (cattail)

Fitness testing

Height & Weight

Field Day games

Free Days Review skills